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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  October 31, 2009 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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to survive the rest of this season. there is people up there in the plus, he needs a few more years. if the young guys actually improve, interesting season for them next year. >> tom: they do have a bit of tradition to build on from the past. tuel downfield as far as he can. hits the turf and stops the clock with two seconds left. forzani wathe intended receiver. so barring a penalty, one play left. >> pat: jeff tuel said earlier in the week, he knew notre dame will come after us. everybody has. he said i just have to learn to make some adjustments, play better next week, going off a big game of cal last week. learning moments for them today
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too. >> tom: and the final play of the game will be a notre dame sack. sack by notre dame, their fourth of the game. looked like mullen will get credit for it as clausen and teammates celebrate some of the backups getting some playing time and some productive playing time at that. so notre dame wins it at alamodome 40-14 over washington state. a little concern about some of the injuries which will be assessed in the days to come before the irish go back to south bend where they will host the midshipmen of navy at notre dame stadium next week. >> pat: 41 minutes time of possession for the irish today. just really controlled it. >> tom: let's go to alex. >> alex: coach, you come away with this -- from this game with a sizable win. what is the biggest takeaway for you? >> i was a little disappointed we didn't play better in the second half. when you're up 30-7 at halftime, i wanted to, you know, be sharp
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coming out of there in the third quarter. but try to get some other guys in there and get some action. we were able to do that, just i thought our execution lack a little bit in the second quarter. >> alex: it looked like jimmy reaggravated his toe. what can you tell me about -- >> i figured it is 33-7. there is three minutes to go in the third quarter, you know, playing -- he had been pying with turf toe, i wanted to get dayne some time. i thought it was the smart thing to do. >> alex: we'll find out more about dayne crist, tom, soon. >> tom: notre dame wins it 40-14 to go 6-2 on the season. be sure to go to now for post game coverage including live press conferences. and don't forget next week, the navy midshipman visit notre dame stadium 2:30 eastern. right now, except on the west coast, it is your local news followed by "saturday night
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live" with host ryan reynolds. so for pat haden and alex flanagan, tom hammond saying so long from the alamodome in san antonio, texas, where notre dame has beaten washington state, 40-14. -- captions by vitac --
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happy halloween!
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happy halloween! >> happy halloween. >> booh! >> happy halloween! >> happy halloween to you as well. halloween night in georgetown is in full force and looks like celebrations got off to a wet start. good saturday and happy halloween to you. we start tonight with team coverage on this halloween night. we're live in the heart of georgetown as things get busy but we start with our own chuck bell. the meteorologist here in the house, let's talk about the wet evening for trick or treaters. you didn't make any friends tonight. >> it's true. i won't win employee of the month this way at all. plenty of light rain right now and steadier rains on the way for the late, late, late night hours tonight. as you can see on regional doppler, light sprinkles around the area right now but notice out across central west virginia, moderate to light rain showers now headed our way. they'll be here between 2:00 and 3:00 in the morning. if you're planning on staying out really late tonight the
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drizzle and the sprinkles we have out there right now will become a steadier light to moderate rain overnight tonight. for now the temperatures are dropping back down generally into the upper 50s to near 60 degrees. a lot cooler. noticeably less humid weather coming our way for tomorrow. i'll detail that and give you the seven-day forecast in a couple minutes. >> thank you so much. it is known for being the biggest halloween party in town. georgetown is the place to be and the place to be seen. so where else would derrick ward be? he joins us live from the thick of it all. how are you, sir? >> i'm good. i'm very afraid. georgetown is a little scarier tonight than usual. just a little bit. of course it's halloween and that is always the case. take a look and you can see the crowds are thickening as is the traffic. the police are directing people through the intersection. the key is to make sure this halloween is safe and fun. >> the usual contingent of
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witches and goblins and the guy none of us really want to meet except tonight. tonight he's all the rage. >> how many pictures? it's fun though. hundreds of police officers are on hand to make sure things don't get out of hand. >> we don't expect anything out of the ordinary, jurs people keep moving and keep the sidewalks clear. >> reporter: the steady drizzle is a nuisance to some but steel pants can find rust to be quite a problem. >> a 12th century knight's outfit. things are replicated, made in an armory in california. chain mail stainless steel. pretty much encased in iron all the way down. >> reporter: and this has to be the beautiful one. >> she's gorgeous. >> reporter: on a serious note when many choose to imbibe sober
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ride is out providing free cab rides up to $50 a fare for those originating in the district area and want to stress that drunk driving isn't the only way to turn fun into tragedy. so-called buzz driving can be as deadly. >> it is the best indicator for drunk driving the .08 blood alcohol concentration level which is the case in d.c., maryland, virginia, and the other 48 states. you can be arrested for less than that if you demonstrate impairment. >> reporter: traffic was allowed to flow on wisconsin avenue and "m" street but parking is prohibited. this may be the scariest thing you see tonight if you obey those rules. those parking restrictions remain in effect until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. chances are a lot of these people will still be here. we're live in georgetown. back to you in the studio. >> derrick ward you going to put on a costume after the show and hang out? >> reporter: i am dressed up. >> all right. derrick ward. thank you, sir. appreciate it. just as derrick mentioned it is never too late to call for a
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free ride home if you have had too much to drink. the sober ride program will provide a free cab ride for fares up to 50 bucks. you've got to be 21 or older to use the service. there is the information on your screen. the phone number is 1-800-200-taxi. if you've got an at&t wireless phone you can also dial pound 8294. police in laurel are busy looking for clues in the latest murder in the area. around 3:30 this afternoon a man's body was found inside a car at lawrencedale road and conti road. police say the victim was shot to death. the victim's body was found in the car and his name has not been released. howard county police are offering up to a $300 reward to help catch halloween vandals. dozens in the columbia neighborhood of owen brown awakened this morning to find their tires slashed or punctured. the vandalism happened sometime between midnight and 6:00 a.m. most of the vehicles were parked
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on the street. police believe whoever did it knew the neighborhood. the h1n1 vaccine continues to create long lines at vaccination clinics around the region. it was no different today in alexandria, virginia. police started lining up in george washington middle school as early as 1:00 a.m. this was the first free swine flu vaccination open to the general public in alexandria and officials handed out the vaccines until they ran out. the u.s. secretary of health and human services stopped by the clinic to say more is on the way. >> 10 million more over the next week so production is now moving at a good pace. >> people stood in line this morning up to three hours and all said it was well worth it. the swine flu is now widespread in every state except hawaii and south carolina. meanwhile in the district more have been added to the priority
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group list. now folks ages 24 to 64 years old with underlying health conditions and care givers of babies who are younger than 6 months old can receive the vaccines for free. people got the vaccine today in northwest. clinics will be held once a week in every ward for the next three weeks. d.c. pharmacies are also expected to get that vaccine beginning sometime next week. decision 2009 now, democrats are making a last ditch effort to energize voters in virginia. after two cycles of losses in the race for governor, republicans could now be on the brink of a major win. with less than 72 hours left in the race for governor both candidates hit vote rich northern virginia today. creigh deed was pressing flesh and sounding upbeat. >> we're going to work as hard as we can to get every vote out. >> reporter: there has not been a single recent poll that has
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the gubernatorial candidate ahead of his republican rival who spent some of his day in springfield. >> we believe this election is about jobs and opportunities and creating a brighter vision for our kids and grand kids. >> reporter: flanked by virginia's republican guard bob macdonald told a crowd of several hundred this afternoon what he thought this election meant. >> we believe it starts with keeping taxes and litigation to a minimum and strong right to work laws. we believe it starts with making sure we promote entrepreneurship and small business that creates 75% of all new jobs. we believe we need more incentives to be able to attract the next company to come to virginia so more people can get access to great opportunities. >> reporter: crowd size not with standing poll nuers not with standing either, creigh deeds continues to sound confident. >> i'm very optimistic. the crowds are great everywhere i go. frankly the only poll that matters is yet to be taken and will be tak on the 3rd of november this tuesday. i'm positive we'll win this
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election. >> reporter: while the candidates may disagree on a number of policy issues like taxes, transportation, and the role of government, they both seem to agree with former republican national committee chairman hailey barber. >> what matters is who actually goes to the polls tuesday and votes. >> polls in virginia are open from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on tuesday. when we come back an update on the search for a virginia pilot. new family reaction as we learn more about that mid air collision. also, day of the dead. this is a very loving tribute, though. and halloween in the white house. find out how the first lady dressed up for the big celebration. we'll also talk about the number of people who showed up at the white house as well. what you got in sports, haq? >> navy tries to stay unbeaten at home. things get batty in san antonio. plus, wizards' big man has a career night.
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a coast guard rescue plane and a marine helicopter collide mid air. tonight the virginia mom is holding out hope that her son is still alive. the crash happened thursday off the southern california coast near san diego. 28-year-old adam bryant was copiloting the coast guard c-130 plane. the plane was on a rescue mission. bryant is now one of nine people missing at sea. bryant's mom nina told the associated press, quote, miracles happen. afghanistan's presidential run-off election is set for
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november 7th but today there are results that abdullah may withdraw. at a news conference, secretary of state hillary clinton downplayed those reports. >> with respect to afghanistan and dr. abdullah's decision, i think that it is his decision to make. whatever went into that determination is obviously his choice but i do not think it affects the legitimacy. >> the "new york times" is reporting that he will announce his decision sunday. he is the main challenger to the current afghan president hamid karzai. coming up first lady michelle obama dresses up for halloween and thousands of kids party at the white house. we'll take you behind the scenes. plus, can we salvage the weekend and get rid of all this rain? meteorologist chuck bell is standing by with that forecast.
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in mexico preparations are under way for the annual day of the dead celebration there. every year mexicans mark the holiday by placing giant skulls and huge skeletons at the altars of deceased relatives and friends. marigolds are placed around pictures of the deceased. the flower is believed to guide the living back to their loved ones. the president and first lady hosted a big halloween party tonight. it was the busiest front porch and the most famous front porch in america tonight. 2000 kids from washington area schools went to trick or treat at the white house. the president and first lady as
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you can see there handed out goody bags to ghosts, goblins, and kids in really cool costumes. not sure what that kid is there. pretty creative. michelle obama got into the halloween spirit sporting a pair of leopard ears and a matching jacket. the president, dressed as the president. they also hosted a reception for military families after that. the president didn't dress up. >> i once heard from the first bush to his president, like never put anything on your head. because whatever you put on your head that is what's going to come back to haunt you. >> probably a good rule. lots of folks with hats on. umbrellas above their heads tonight. >> most everybody needed to be dressed up as mary popins tonight. had the umbrella, ready to go. i know, maybe it's too much of a weather idea for a costume. nonetheless, a cloudy sky. most of the steadier rain has held off until late into the evening hours and most of the little kids are already in bed and the big kids, well, big kids
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can take it. what do they care if the costume gets wet? they won't twaer all night anyway. outside it is cloudy and damp in the washington area. 71 degrees was our high temperature on this halloween. the final day of october. rain just under .1 inch so far. right here at northwest washington we're at 59 degrees. the dew points are tumbling now. our dew point 65 earlier today down to 49 now. thanks to a north wind at 13 miles per hour ushering in the cooler and drier air. that will be the story for tomorrow. cooler and drier. although we' sta off with plenty of clouds. 59 in town. 59 in prince georges county. 60 in indianapolis. still 70 degrees and after 11:00 at night in southern maryland temperatures back down finally to the mid 50s up to the north and west. dew point temperatures are really coming down now into the 40s and 50s around town but still mid 60-degree dew points in southern maryland. rainfall amounts have been fairly light, just enough to
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make you mad. generally .1 to .2 inch of rain across the region. here is a check of doppler radar. there you can see the light to sometimes moderate rain moving through the washington area. a little bit more moderate rain down into southern maryland. and some light sprinkles now moving out into portions of the blue ridge. there is live doppler. light rain showers and sprinkles now all around the capital beltway. for the rest of the overnight, more rain across west virginia promises a very soggy overnight period tonight. temperatures 59 here. still 70 degrees in raleigh. look at that. 40s, low to mid 40s back out to our north and west where temperatures have dropped some 10 to 20 degrees in the last 24 hours. that is going to be the story for us tomorrow. today our high temperature is 71. tomorrow's high temperature may occur just after midnight tonight with temperatures back into the upper 50s. so high pressure coming out of the ohio, western parts of the ohio valley will push the rain out of here but we may have plenty of clouds in the morning and a chance of a little light
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rain lingering into the mid morning hours especially for you folks down into southern maryland. so beeady for a cloudy and damp start tomorrow morning with a few showers around. those showers may linger into mid morning. sun is up tomorrow morning at 6:35. clocks going back means the sun is up an hour earlier tomorrow. starting off with a lot of clouds. we will get a little break or two of sunshine late in the day. most of the clearing not coming until afternoon. much cooler and drier. temperatures tomorrow staying in the 50s. the all important seven-day forecast, mostly cloudy tomorrow. a 40% chance of rain. again, most of it coming during the first half of the day tomorrow and temperatures staying in the 50s. clearing skies by the time about the sun goes down with tomorrow evening with evening temperatures dropping quickly now back down into the 50s and sun down tomorrow at 5:07. seven-day forecast as i mentioned. 40% chance of rain. primarily in the morning tomorrow. don't forget to set your clocks back and don't forget to change the battery in your smoke
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detector. always importt. heaters and furnaces coming alive as we head into november. high temperatures with plenty of sunshine and dry weather for monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, that's six days of dry weather after tomorrow. >> we love it. >> say what you mean about the rain in terms of holidays where it's appropriate. halloween definitely one of them. you know what else is perfect? bats. and the bats were out in san antonio. halloween in full effect at the spurs game. we'll take you there right after
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the home opener on halloween. >> when butler was ruled out of tonight's game with a bruised left knee there was an eerie feeling at verizon center like oh, man. we've been through this before. the good news is butler is expected to play in the wizards' next game. without butler on halloween night big man andrea blacks decided toress up as a playmaker scoring a career high 30 points and helping treat the fans to a sweet victory against new jersey. the wizards coming out strong in eir home opener. first quarter off the net. wizards in transition. gilbert arenas pushed it ahead to the big man. tonight's run inner tner in the. start of a big night for andre. gilbert dribbles then lets it fly from half court. got it. gilbert makes things happen.


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